Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thoughts on charity....

... fatigue.

The mailman always leaves me a most curious collection of stuff.   This week alone, no less than 10 solicitations for charity.  Give here, give there, save this, save that, help here, help there.  I sort my mail in the garage, next to the recycling bin and most of these land in the bin, without opening.   The director at work is soliciting for donations for a big charity, Facebook has lots of ads for charities.   Even my junk email folder has solicitations.   The funniest one was from an agency that basically said give-us-your-money-so-we-can-tell-you-what-charities-to-give-to.  Really?  I do stay away from the large national charities ....   I'm not interested in supporting the 6-figure lifestyle of their CEO's.

I wish there were fewer needy people in the world.  I wish I had the funds to support more causes.   But truly, I'm in charity fatigue this year.  

Do I donate?  Yes.  But I do it with a clear heart and not from guilt or peer pressure or because of sob stories.  And to several charities to whom I can give with an open heart and true joy.   

Several of my dearest friends, with whom I've exchanged small gifts for oh....  at least 40-50 years...  have agreed this year that we would not exchange.   We know the love we share with each other, and if I see something or get an idea that just screams to me, I'll do that.   But overall, this year is dedicated to my grandchildren and their parents.   I'm careful with giving (not stingy, but careful and aware),  I'd rather give something made with my hands and my heart than with my checkbook or Visa card. 

Where can I do the most good?  That's the bottom line for me...   Om Shanti Om.

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